7 Business Sign Ideas to Increase Foot Traffic

7 Business Sign Ideas to Increase Foot Traffic

There’s a reason that practically every business has a sign out front. Without it, how would anyone know who they are or what they do?


Signs can do more than just promote a name, however. They can actually be excellent ways to drive foot traffic to your business.



But it all depends on what your sign looks like, what it says, and how it’s placed. Need some ideas for business sign ideas that work? Keep reading for seven great ideas.


1. Incorporate Color or Movement

Your sign has to grab a person’s attention if you want it to be read. There are an infinite number of ways to design your sign. But if you want to attract attention, consider a sign with bright colors or a moving component.


Certain colors can have effects on mood and perceptions of a brand. Any business sign ideas that you have should take this into account.


Warm colors like red and orange are more stimulating. On the other hand, your business might be better served by cooler, calming colors like blue.


For movement, a waving hand or a letter that turns in the wind can attract passersby. Just remember that readability is key. Your moving pattern or bright colors shouldn’t detract from the sign’s legibility. Even if a sign turns heads, it still needs to inform in some way. People need that information to make a decision on whether or not to stop in.


2. A Sign Just Down The Road

Try using signs to prime consumers before they make it to your actual building. Billboards on the side of the highway give drivers a heads-up about what’s coming in the next exits. It works because it creates anticipation, and gives them time to think about their decision.


You can do the same thing with your business, even if you’re not located off the interstate. Place a sign down the road from your business, maybe at the other end of the block. Use it to tell people who you are and exactly how far away your business is.


That will promote the sense of anticipation and give people time to think about coming in. Just like a billboard, it can draw in people who may not have otherwise stopped.

3. Try Keeping Your Business Sign Ideas Simple

Flashy signs with lights and colors aren’t the only way to go when you want to stand out.


Want to make sure people know what you do without any distractions? Then choose a sign that’s simple and gets the point across. A large sign that simply says “Cafe” may be good enough to get people through your cafe door.


In an area with many competing signs and advertisements, it could pay off to use one or two big words that cut through the noise. Remember that you don’t always have to have the biggest or brightest sign. A simple and direct approach can also be effective.


4. Digital Additions

Another option to think about is a digital addition to your business sign. A digital scroll underneath your business’s name can advertise changing offers. Don’t have a special offer at the moment? Then use the space to provide the time and date or other useful information. You can also use it to show your hours of operations for the day.


If you do choose a scrolling or changing message, keep it short. You want it to attract attention, but you don’t want to make people wait too long to see the message. Someone walking down the street should be able to finish the message before they pass by the sign.


5. Holiday Themes

Holiday themed business sign ideas are a good way to draw in more foot traffic. Your holiday themes don’t have to be incredibly elaborate, either. Even a jaunty Santa hat or wreath on your normal sign can potentially be a draw.


You can add items to your sign, but you can also buy special signs just for the holidays. Investing in a few holiday themed signs can end up paying dividends. You’ll get years of use from them, and they’ll set your business apart.


Holiday themed signs are eye-catching and new, even to those who see your sign regularly. Seeing something every day can make it essentially invisible to people. A holiday theme on a sign can bring it back to their consciousness as they pass. That business they’ve been meaning to check out is suddenly new again.


6. Metal or Wooden Signs

Want your sign to stand out from the crowd? Then you can also consider using a metal or wooden sign that hangs from outside your business.


These signs may look fairly simple, but there are plenty of different variations on design and material that you can choose from. A sign made of metal or wood also brings to mind old-fashioned ideas and values. Using one can give off a vintage vibe that is attractive to many consumers.


This can be especially effective if your business physically creates goods. These signs will generally be simple and not as flashy as many made from newer materials. But that’s the point.


Some people love the latest and greatest things. Others enjoy products and services that feel like a throwback to a simpler time. A metal or wooden sign can help you capitalize on the latter group.


7. Changing Chalkboard

Many restaurants use A-frame chalkboard signs because they need to continually update their daily specials. But it isn’t only restaurants that can benefit. Chalkboard signs are great for showing off any business’s personality.


They may take some more effort than other business sign ideas on this list. However, the ability to constantly change the sign can make up for that.


Does your business rely on lots of foot traffic coming in from the street? Then a simple A-frame chalkboard sign can be highly effective.


You likely have a witty colleague or artistically inclined coworker who can help with the message or image. Ask around and you may be surprised with the creativity you find in your office or store.



Are you looking for a sign that will help your business stand out in the Houston area? Then contact Southern Star Signs & Graphics today and we can start discussing your options.


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