What To Look For In A Banner Sign Company

What To Look For In A Banner Sign Company

Banner Sign CompanyToday, like many other businesses, sign companies have so many options for customers that it can often seem a bit overwhelming especially if you are getting your first banner or sign. Even if you are experienced with purchasing signage, the vast number of options can even fatigue the most seasoned buyer. This blog article will provide you with a guide for what to look for in a banner sign company or any sign company in general. You can think of this as your insider guide for what to look for and what to ask your sign company.


Types of Banner Signs & Advantages


There are numerous applications for banner signs, and there are almost limitless design and material options for them. Some excellent places for banners include:
• Football Games
• Stadiums
• Marketing Events
• Conventions
• Parking Lots
• Windows
• Walls
• Fences

Moreover, banner signs provide some unique advantage that can include all-weather construction, portable/easily transportable, simple install/setup and take down and much more.


Established History


First things first, find out how long the sign company has been in business and what type of signs do they create and for how long have they made the signs. Experience is critical. You don’t want to hire a company that does banner signs as an add on to their graphics business when you can get an experienced team that has done it right hundreds of times and knows the ins and outs of design, application, graphics, media, materials and installation.


Check Out Their Portfolio


Talk to the company and ask to see examples of their work for real clients. Is the portfolio deep and wide? Is the work impressive? Do they provide a case study or a before and after or a short history of the sign? Creating any professional signage is as much a work of art as it is a science and outstanding firms will be happy to discuss their work with you.


Get Recommendations


You should always ask for two or three references from a sign company. The references should have had the same work completed that you are looking to have done. Verifying references, though a simple step, can save you from wasting time and money.


Do They Outsource?


How much of the work is done in house? If the work is done in house, and not sent out, you will generally experience a faster turn-around time and in many cases save money. Successful sign companies typically have a wide variety of equipment to produce nearly all their work in house.


Are They a Full Service Sign Company?


So you have done your homework, and you are ready to hire a company to make your banner signage. It’s worth considering what other services they can provide to you. Some great services include:

• Signage Consulting
• Logo & Graphic Design
• Permitting
• Installation & Placement
• Maintenance
• Repair
• Project Management

Now that you have a guide for looking a banner sign company, we welcome your feedback, comments or questions.


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