Houston Sign Company: Banners and Signs

Houston Sign Company: Banners and Signs

Houston Sign Company: Banners and SignsVisually esthetic designs catch the eye of consumers. Well-designed banners and signs are still an excellent way to advertise even in the twenty-first century.


Drive or walk about Houston, and you will see many signs, from billboard to electronic to banners. In fact, for a long time, Houston was known for its seemingly endless view of billboards and roadside signs. Some called Houston’s abundance of signs as “garish”, and others said the volume of advertising signs amounted to ”visual pollution”. That said, by the late 1980s, Houston City Hall took action to gradually reduce the number of road signs and banners. While City Hall established some guidelines and regulations, Houston still has a robust billboard and sign environment.


Why so many signs and banners in Houston?


First, advertising works. It is simple, but true. No matter the form, television, mobile advertising, print or radio, when done correctly advertising and marketing works. Banners and signs work great as well and deliver benefits those other forms of advertising and marketing can’t.


Second, as with most cities in the western United States, Houston has continued to expand decade after decade, and that expansion has been propelled in large part by population growth and the related increase in infrastructures such as new roads and freeways. Accordingly, with all that “traffic” it only makes sense that signs and banners would sprout up at a vigorous pace.


Messaging For Your Sign or Banner


Messaging is key to your sign. Consider what you want your sign to accomplish, for example. Increase brand awareness? Create an image or an emotion that is critical to, or indicative of your brand, product or service? Do you want it to be a “call to action”? While it is best to be direct and simple in your messaging, do not discount “outside-the-box” ideas that may also help your sign or banner stand out. If you are making your first sign or banner and not sure what direction to go in, consult with a professional commercial sign and banner maker that has extensive experience in the design, construction, installation or placement of signs.


Visual Appeal for Your Sign


Besides having a compelling message, your sign or banner should be visually appealing. When selecting graphics or images consider if they compliment or match your company, its products or services. If a company sells tours to Ireland, it won’t make sense to use images of islands in the South Pacific in its signs. So be sure that the images used are on point. Additionally, consider how your target market will respond to the message and the related images or graphics. Colors, images, terms, catch phrases are crucial details to consider so that your banner or sign connects with its intended audience.


It’s All About Location


Once you have developed your message and selected the graphics or images for your banner and sign, there is still one more item that needs to be executed. That is stratigically placing your sign. Sometimes this is the first item that is addressed, but it always requires consideration. The location where the sign or banner is going to be placed will influence the signs construction, materials, lighting needs, size, and height.


Bringing It All Together


Secure the permits so that the sign or banner can be installed. With the sign installed, it can now get to work for your business. In some instances, signs may need maintenance. In those cases, it is useful to have a dedicated signage company.


Houston Sign Company – Contact Us


If you have questions about how to maximize your signage ROI or need a qualified and experienced Houston sign company, contact Southern Star Signs & Graphics to get the most from your signs.


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