Business Sign Company That Works For You

Business Sign Company That Works For You

Business Sign Company As Your PartnerAs we mentioned in our earlier blog, there are many things to consider when looking for a business sign company. One particular aspect to consider is whether or not a signage company can do it all. There are two advantages to partnering with a company that can do anything related to signs from banners, placards, neon, 3D, etc.


The first advantage is that you have processes simplified. You don’t need to have multiple companies doing multiple signage projects and multiple contacts. You have one contact point and one company instead of a cast of thousands, so to speak. Secondly, partnering with just one sign company allows for better processes because they get to know your company, expectations, branding, history, and needs. There is true value in partnership.


Southern Star Products

At Southern Star, we provide an entire suite of signage products that can meet any advertising, signage or marketing need.


Indoor Signs

We can create customized signs to meet any need or application that you have.
Lobby, reception area, and directional signs are just the start. Moreover, there are signs required by various local, state or federal entities such as signs required by the ADA. Window and floor decals also offer opportunities to connect with and message to your customers.



Outdoor Signs

We can build outdoor signs to suit whatever requirements and vision that you have. Outdoor signs are particularly helpful in advertising and marketing of your business to not only current customers but also potential customers passing by. From interactive stadium signs to the most basic office sign, we can do it.



Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are a great way to announce your presence and tell about your service and or products. Think of a vehicle wrap as a mobile billboard. If you have a fleet of vehicles or only one, a vehicle wrap makes great use of the “canvas” of your cars, trucks, golf carts, or boats.



Tradeshow Displays

Tradeshows are great opportunities to standout and impress current customers and prospective clients. Now more than ever tradeshows generate new business for companies and are vital to ensure a thriving and competitive company.

But being able to create almost any type of sign for any application is only half of what we can do. We also deliver the services needed to maximize the value of your signage.



Southern Star Services

Graphic Design

We understand that many small and midsize businesses may not have in-house graphics and marketing departments – and that’s where our graphic design services come in. We can provide expert state-of-the-art graphic design to our customers. Whether they are starting from scratch with no graphics or if they have a well-developed graphics portfolio and just want some tweaks, we can do it all.



Logo Design

Not only can we do graphic design but we also provide logo services to our clients. If you are looking to create your first logo, we can help you through this challenging but rewarding process. We have created and updated hundreds of logos. If you already have a logo but it needs a refresh, we can help update it so that it stands out.



Sign Installation & Permitting

There is a lot more to sign installation then just getting it erected. With our decades of experience in installing business signs in the Houston metro area, we are experienced in placement, installation techniques, and permitting requirements. By choosing Southern Star as your business sign partner, we make sure everything goes smoothly and on-time.



Business Sign Repair & Maintenance

So far we have gone over the products and the services that Southern Star provides to its clients – and hopefully to you as well in the future – that makes us a one-stop-shop for all your business sign needs. But there is one service that we provide that is often not provided by our competitors or is merely an afterthought – Business Sign Repair and Maintenance. We can service, maintain and repair everything that we make. No matter if your business signage was made or installed by us or not, we can provide you with outstanding sign repair and maintenance services in Houston.



Sign Project Management

Did you know that as a business owner you are responsible for displaying safety signs and signage related to the ADA? It can be an administrative headache and takes you away from running your business. At Southern Star Signs we have decades of experience with sign project management and can use our expertise to let you focus on your business and not bureaucracy.



Contact Us Today

If you are in need of a full-service business sign company in Houston, contact us today and learn how we can be your one-stop shop for all your signage needs.



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