Logo Design


Think of some big brands you admire or regularly purchase from – chances are you can picture their logo without hesitation. A great logo is an important part of your company branding and corporate identity. It may be displayed on stores, business cards, vehicles, stationary and much more. It’s often the very first impression your customers get of your business so it’s important to get it right.


At Southern Star Signs & Graphics, our Houston logo design team have been creating great logos for many years. We know what it takes to make an attention-grabbing logo which is a true reflection of your business. That’s why when it comes to logo design, Houston businesses turn to us. Whatever your logo requirements, we can help.


Starting From Scratch


The process of creating a new business is an exciting one and soon after you’ve named your business, you’ll be looking to get a top-quality logo.  At this early stage, our Houston logo design team will work hard to understand your vision for the business and the audience you will be targeting.  Whether you want a simple, clean design or something which expresses your wild side, we’ll help you through the design process.


Throughout our years of logo design, Houston businesses have sought out our services, as we have a wealth of experience to draw on.  We can show you example logos of similar companies for inspiration; of course, the logo we design for you will be absolutely unique.  Get the perfect logo for your new business at Southern Star Signs & Graphics.


Rebranding or Updating a Previous Design


Maybe your logo has suffered the effects of time and changing styles?  Or potentially your company is heading in a slightly different direction and needs a fresher look?  Whatever your reason for rebranding your business in Houston, logo design from the team at Southern Star Signs & Graphics is guaranteed to kick your new style off with a bang.  When going through your rebrand you may just want to follow the same process as if you were starting from scratch.


However, we understand that there may be elements of your previous look and company heritage that you’d like to continue with.  We will take the time to discuss all of this with you to ensure we include the bits you want to stick with and freshen up the bits you don’t.  We guarantee a great end result; that’s why for logo design; Houston companies need to look no further.

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Ensuring you’re Unique


We live in a world where we are surrounded by brands and logos, so it’s natural that you’re going to be influenced by those around you.  There’s nothing wrong with this and our Houston logo design team will be more than happy to hear about logos that inspire you.


When we’re designing, it’s our job to keep the essence of that inspiration whilst ensuring that your logo is absolutely unique to you.  We guarantee that your logo will be a perfect emblem for your business and your business alone.