You may be aware that as a business owner you have a responsibility to display certain signage around your premises. This is to comply with both health and safety, and disability laws.


And of course, even outside of regulatory requirements, most responsible companies will want to ensure that their customers and employees will be able to navigate their stores or offices safely and easily.


ADA Signs


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was created to ensure that handicapped people are able to navigate public spaces more easily.  If your business provides goods or services to the public then you will be required to have some level of ADA signage throughout your location.  Types of ADA signs can include high-contrast signs, tactile signs or braille signs.  Certain signs do need to be ADA compliant and others do not; it can be tricky to understand what you require.


Safety Signs


As the name suggests, safety signs deal with health and safety around your premises; specifically OSHA regulations.  Your requirements can differ depending on your premises, location and the types of activity you are carrying out.  Safety signage is required to ensure people stay safe when they are on your property.


Sign Audit Services


At Southern Star Signs we understand that with regulations constantly being updated, knowing what you need to display can be a minefield.  This is why we created our sign audit services.  We will work with you to understand your business and work out your signage requirements.


This will include a full site survey where we will review your current signage and make recommendations based on your business.  At the end of the process, you will be given a full report, detailing what you require to be ADA and OSHA compliant.

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The Sign Experts


Once you have a clear picture of your requirements, we can help you create your Safety and ADA signs.  Our graphic design team are experts at creating the signs so that they conform to all the required color schemes, lettering types and symbolism.  These techniques are the reason that so many safety signs are recognizable before you can even read the words.


Our sign manufacturing team will construct signs that will last you for many years.  Although this type of signage does involve a small investment, ADA signs, in particular, can make your business accessible to a whole new base of customers and could prove a shrewd investment over time.