Sign Permitting


There are many reasons to get excited about your new sign; the thought of your branding being up high, thousands of people seeing your message each day – these are both great things your new visual will bring. The thought of going through the process of getting all the necessary approvals and permits for your sign is undeniably not as exciting.


The process of completing, submitting and monitoring your submission can be a lengthy one. Luckily, if you require a sign permit, Southern Star Signs & Graphics can help. Here are some tips for easing the permit approval process and some reasons why getting our team of experts involved is a good idea.


The Earlier the Better


If you are getting your sign designed by Southern Star Signs & Graphics, sign permit discussions will take place right at the start.  Being aware of the local laws at this stage can help us keep the sign permit in mind throughout the process.


A general rule with any legal process is the earlier you can get started the better; even something which seems straightforward could throw up some surprises.  Our team has been through the business sign permit process many times and know how to get things done as quickly as possible.


Get back to what you do best


The sign permit processes can be a drain on your time.  You can spend ages filling out forms only to have them sent back weeks later because one part was entered incorrectly.  The Southern Star Signs & Graphics permitting team understands the process and will work with you to have your permit issued in a timely and efficient manner. This frees up your time to focus on keeping your customers happy and growing your business.This is why so many companies use our services to help their sign permit as quickly as possible.


Regulations and permit requirements will vary depending on your city and type of business sign.  Permit application processes and the forms you need to complete may also differ.  As with all of our services, at Southern Star Signs & Graphics we aim to make permitting process as painless and simple as possible; our experts cut through the complexities to deliver the end result you require.  We keep you in the loop but also keep as much of the sign permit bureaucracy away from you as possible.

Got a question for us?

Our other services cover every aspect of your signage needs.  If you require help getting your design down on paper, prior to manufacturing, then our graphic design team can help.  For support on creating your brand identity, we offer a logo design service.


Once your sign is in place, it’s important to keep it in great condition and for this, we have engineers who specialize in sign repair and sign maintenance.