Creative Process for A Business Sign Maker

Creative Process for A Business Sign Maker

Business Signs - Creative Process Sign CompanyIt takes experience in the signage industry to know what colors, font sizes, and design elements can translate into a great business signs that helps your business grab attention and promote your services or products. A sign needs to do more than just look pretty. It needs to compel readers/viewers to action. It must yield results.


Our work must help drive our customer’s profitability – that is a core belief of our business. As a business sign designer and maker, the greatest compliment we can get from a client is that our work helped increase their business.



Business Sign Making Is Equal Parts Art, Science, and Intuition


At Southern Star Signs & Graphics every business sign we make for our customers is custom made. There are no assembly lines or cookie cutter rehashing. While signs may have similar characteristics, we approach each client, their sign construction and its graphic design with individualized attention and creativity.


The Art of Commercial Signage


Unlike some companies, we have a deeply talented team of in-house graphic designers. You name the medium, the style, and the application and our graphic design artist can deliver it. Our team also has the intangible, but very important, skill of being able to work with non-designers to bring our clients’ visions and messages to fruition. From traditional banners to hi-tech digital displays to vehicle wraps and everything in between, we can do it all. Please click here to see our portfolio of client projects and work.


Practical Application of Business Signs and Graphic Designs


Having been in business for years, we have honed our internal processes to ensure that we create exceptional signage with the best materials and techniques – on-time.   This is the nuts and bolts or the science of business sign making. We know how long it will take for different process to cure, settle or dry. Over the years we have tested out new technologies and have kept those that are most beneficial to our clients; faster production, the ability to handle mass quantities or state-of-the-art construction methods. We are also environmentally friendly and use the latest in print technology that not only produces outstanding results but is also far more environmentally responsible than traditional methods and solvents used sign making historically.

A Great Business Sign Maker & Graphic Designer Must Have Intuition


It’s hard to be great in the signage business without having deep insight and a dose of intuition. With our years of experience providing signs and graphics to a wide array of industries and their respective consumers, we have learned a lot about human nature and the psychology of buying. But, as we all know, trends, customs, and habits change – humans never stay static. That said, to get your brand message across to consumers, there are well-established ways to communicate.


At Southern Star Sign we have the experience to know a fundamental shift from a fad in advertising and we always point out the difference between the two to our clients. But we continue to do more to be an outstanding sign maker. It is critical to keep an eye to the future. We love what we do. Our team is always looking for the newest techniques, latest advertising metrics, the most modern best practices. We use innovative tools, and psychographic trends so that we can be at the forefront of our business. We always give the best advice and service to our clients.


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