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Car Wraps or Vehicle Wraps – We Got You Covered!

Car Wraps or Vehicle Wraps – We Got You Covered!

Car Wraps - We Got You CoveredVehicle wraps are a great alternative to painting a car, truck, van or golf cart. Wraps can turn a commercial vehicle into a 24-hour marketing machine that informs and promotes your brand and/or products. For passenger cars, vehicle wraps are an affordable and durable option to painting.


Moreover, with our in-house graphic design team, we can expertly transfer images to any vehicle wrap or create anything your mind can imagine. From camo wraps to solid color wraps to completely customized full vehicle wraps, at Southern Star Signs & Graphics we have the experience and expertise to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd.


Commercial Wraps


Here at Southern Star Signs we can wrap a fleet or do a one-off wrap for a single vehicle. Our team is experienced with logos wraps, partial wraps, and full wraps. With our experience in signage and vehicle wraps, we can provide you with expert advice on how to get the most out of your commercial vehicle wrap so that it generates maximum impact on your marketing ROI. Position, color, materials and other factors play important roles in making a great wrap. We work closely with our commercial clients, so they get more than a sign – they get a well thought-out and designed marketing tool.


Personal Vehicle Car Wraps


Car wraps are a great alternative to having a car repainted. Car Wraps can be partial or full depending on the look that is desired. Moreover, wraps are generally more affordable than repainting a vehicle.


There are no limits as to what you can have on your wrap – custom graphics, hi-definition photography, shapes, patterns, stripes, logos, etc. Some popular vehicle wrap designs include matte finishes, carbon fiber, rally stripes, snake skins, camouflage patterns and metallic finishes. Bring us your ideas, and we will take them from imagination to reality and onto your vehicle.


Typically, you can expect your personal vehicle wrap to last five years. With proper care and maintenance, it is not uncommon for wraps to last upwards to 10 years.


Material Manufacturers for Vehicle Wrap


At Southern Star Signs & Graphics we only use the best materials available for your vehicles. We use 3M and Avery products for their quality, durability, and unsurpassed performance.


Although there are less expensive wraps on the market, they tend to wear out faster and can be difficult to apply to a vehicle that has curves and concave shapes on them.   Moreover, “budget” wraps shrink over time, making for a disjointed appearance. Worse, these “affordable” wraps are prone to bubbling and peeling on the edges. Another downside to lesser bands, especially ones manufactured overseas, is that colors tend to fade more quickly than the leading brands.   Given the tough Texas weather that a vehicle is subjected to, it just makes sense to get the most durable and dependable product available. We got some final considerations for Your vehicle wrap.



Digital Wrap vs. Pre-Cured Vehicle Wraps

When meeting with a company to do your vehicle wrap, be sure to ask if they digitally print the wrap or will they use a “pre-cured” wrap. Simply put, digitally printed wraps are designed on a computer and use a wide-format printer. Pre-cured wraps come with a design already on them. Digital wraps cost more but are 100% customizable, whereas “pre-cured” wraps are less expensive but may not give you the unique look or deliver the message that you have in mind. Bring us your design and we can help you determine what option would work best for you.


Calendared Vinyl v. Cast Vinyl

There are two types of films used in vehicle wraps: Calendared and Cast. It is important to know which will be used for your wrap. Cast vinyl is the better choice because it is very conformable, easy to reposition and it is easier and cleaner to remove than calendared vinyl. Moreover, calendared vinyl is more prone to bubbling, peeling and shrinkage than cast vinyl. If you have two quotes for vehicle wraps that are miles apart, you need to make sure you are given all the details about the materials that will be used so you can compare the estimates more accurately. We are committed to the highest quality services and materials for our clients. We only use cast vinyl.


Latex Printing Technology

Finally, at Southern Star Signs & Graphics we utilize latex printers in the making of our vehicle wraps. Latex printing is state-of-the-art and very environmentally friendly. Using latex technology eliminates “out-gassing” (drying) as the product is dry when it comes off the printer, and it creates a more resilient retention of images and text when applying the wrap. Last but not least, latex is highly durable and long lasting too.


Contact Us


We’d love to hear from you. So feel free to call, email or send us any question you may have. We love talking shop and creating powerful visual statements that inspire, motivate and capture the imagination. You can rely on Southern Star Signs & Graphics to deliver outstanding service and unsurpassed quality.







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