10 Things to Look For When Choosing Commercial Signs

10 Things to Look For When Choosing Commercial Signs

We know how important commercial signs are for your business. You want to stand out and set yourself apart from the competition.

What’s the best way to do that? By having a great, high-quality sign that gets your brand values across to potential customers.

Commerical signs are also a great way to attract customers. Did you know that 76% of Americans have entered a store solely based on signage? Numbers don’t lie; that’s a lot of customers you’re missing out on without a sign.

To create the best sign possible, here are a few things to consider. Let’s get into it!

Eye Catching Commercial Signs

A sign tells a potential customer what your business is all about. Picking one that’s bold and large enough to hold all the information you want to get across is important.

You have a bigger chance of someone stopping by or remembering your company because you had a sign that caught their eye. Stay true to your company’s colors but remember that different colors evoke different feelings.

If you have a restaurant, red is associated with hunger. For creativity, like a painting studio, blue is your best bet.

Simplicity Is Key

If your sign is too complicated for others to read or they can’t decipher what that picture you used is, it’s not effective. A commercial sign that’s easy on the eyes and clearly visible is best.

Use a bigger, bolder font for easy reading. Simplify your message so people can read it quickly as they’re driving or walking by. Make sure not to jam your company’s message into a small space, this causes overcrowding making it more difficult to read.


When it comes to commercial signs, you need to get your point of view across to customers. How do they know what you’re all about or what you sell if your sign just has your logo? Go more in depth by providing some insight into your company’s purpose and mission.

Sales Driven

Your product solves a problem facing your consumers today, right? Why not show that off?

Tell them why they need your products or services. You’ll stand out from hundreds of companies already in your area and people know they can rely on you for your products or services.

Another great use for commercial signs is to use one to advertise a big sale. Everyone loves a good sale which will lead to more foot traffic and impulse buys.


Aside from the average fabric commercial signs, there’s a multitude of materials that one can be made out of. A few of them include:

  • Fabric (includes awnings)
  • Plywood
  • Glass (great if you have a windowed storefront)
  • Metal
  • Rock or stone

Required Maintenance

Just because you invested in a pretty sign doesn’t mean it’ll last all year long. When choosing a commercial sign, it’s important to consider how much it’ll require cleaning or how costly repairs will be, should anything happen to it.

Don’t forget to take into consideration what the weather is like in your area. If it gets extremely hot in the summer, don’t choose a fabric sign as the colors will fade. For strong winter conditions, a painted plywood sign would need to be replaced often.


Where you place your commercial sign is important. You can’t just plaster it anywhere.

It’s not a good idea to put it on the side of your building where there’s not a lot of foot or car traffic as no one will see it. Place it in an area that gets a lot of traffic. When you do this, you’re more likely to attract them.


Most signs range from the low hundreds to the high thousands. Sign companies can charge based on how much square footage is needed to cover the area or how large the size of the sign is.

The best way to cover costs and not be surprised when you hear the price is to prepare to go over budget. When you do that, what you may think will cost you little, can end up costing a lot.

It’s best to be covered for any add-ons that’ll cost extra. Commercial signs are so much more than a pretty banner, it’s your brand’s first impression on many potential customers. Think of it as an investment rather than another business expense.


When choosing a company to create your sign, it’s best to look around your local area or even online. Some companies will have a portfolio of other signs they’ve done so you can see their type of work.

Some will offer different services such as installation or various materials. If you can visit them in person, you can get a real feel for how their printing quality is, which leads on to the next subject.


Probably the most important thing to consider is quality. If your finished piece is printed and it’s blurry up close, it won’t read right.

If it’s painted and there are drips, what do you think that says about your business? Sure, you didn’t create the sign but it shows your customers that you don’t care if there are flaws.

First impressions are the deciding factor between gaining a new customer or losing an existing one. Don’t trust a company when they state “fast and cheap” because then you’ll end up with a poorly designed sign.

Other Things to Consider When Creating Your Sign


  • Width
  • Length
  • Font size
  • Logo/picture size
  • Length of message


Having a trusted company to hang up your sign is important. They’ll ensure the quality is right and everything lines up correctly.

Wrapping Up

Here at Southern Star, we’ve assembled a skilled and diverse team that not only gets the job done but are highly trained with loads of experience. We deliver high-quality work with great company values.

Did you know we don’t just create commercial signs but also other products? You can get indoor signs, trade show displays, and vehicle wraps!

Ready to create your own custom sign? Contact us today to get started! Or, if you live in Porter, Texas, feel free to stop by!

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