Exterior Business Signs for Your Company or Franchise

Exterior Business Signs for Your Company or Franchise

Exterior Business SignsMake A Strong First Impression

The adage “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” holds true when talking about the exterior business signs. In this blog, we will cover why a great exterior sign is important for your business for aesthetic, advertising, branding and revenue generation reasons. We will also cover some of the unique needs of franchisees’ signage in the blog as well.

Look Sharp – Project A Professional Image

It isn’t uncommon for small and mid-size companies to forego professionally designed and installed exterior business signage. But this is a mistake. With a “make-do” sign, a business, unfortunately, devalues their brand value and image. As mentioned earlier, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Make no mistake; this adage applies to businesses just as much as it does with people. Don’t cut corners when it comes to you exterior signs, as this is another opportunity for your business to stand ahead of the competition.

Exterior Business Signs Through the Eyes of Your Customers

Look at your exterior sign(s) from customers’ perspective. They want to know that the people they are giving their money to are organized, professional, and competent. If they are standing outside of two stores that offer similar products or services, all things being equal, buyers will naturally gravitate to the company with easily readable and compelling signage. The store with the aged or faded signs or signage with letters missing or broken lighting will experience less traffic than the company with a professional exterior sign. And without traffic, you can’t expand your business.


Location, Location, Location

At Southern Star Signs and Graphics we also consider the location of your exterior signs and how to best position them. We inspect other location issues that could impact the visibility and the key mission of a sign – being easily seen. In addition to considering line-of-sight, we look at approaches that customers travel to reach your store – both pedestrian and/or street/highway. We also factor lighting options to help provide maximum visibility in a variety of light conditions.


Don’t Forget the Details

When we work with clients on an exterior sign project for their business, we know the details that can either deliver a successful project and the details, if overlooked, that can sink it. With customers throughout the greater Houston Texas metro area, we stay up-to-date with zoning, deed restrictions, regulations, and ordinances that could slow down the project if not addressed properly early in the planning and design stages. Last but not least, we guide clients through the process of getting all the permits and other required documents together to ensure a smooth process.


Exterior Business Signs For Franchises and Franchisees

If you are a franchise or franchisee, we understand the unique considerations that your signs must be designed to and engineered. Brand architecture is critical for a franchise. With our expertise and experience with both, we can guarantee that your branding standards are adhered to, and the projects are delivered on time and within budget.



The takeaways for this blog are that you must have a professionally designed and manufactured sign that speaks to your prospective and current customers, and also gets you ahead of the competition.


Leverage Our Exterior Business Sign Expertise

With expertise in all facets of exterior business sign design, construction, consulting, permitting (in the greater Houston, Texas area) and installation, Southern Star Signs & Graphics create signs that make your business standout, promote your brand and helps attract business.

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