Indoor Banners


For advertising an event, promoting a product offer or getting your message out there, banners are a quick, inexpensive way to let people know what’s on your mind.  For many years Southern Star Signs & Graphics have been producing the strong, long-lasting banners Houston TX businesses have been using to get their point across.  Typically made from vinyl, banners are extremely portable and flexible so are suitable for just about anywhere. 


For our team in Houston, banners are second nature; we can help you at all stages of the process from design to printing and placement.  We’ve designed a lot of banners in our time and know how to get your message noticed.

Design is King


Sometimes when our Houston banners design team pick up a new project, the customer may have a clear idea of what they’d like the banner design to be.  On other occasions we may be starting from scratch, either is fine with us.  In either scenario there are a few key things we’ll be focusing on at this stage – you have to keep in mind that typically banners will be viewed at a distance and maybe even on the move.  Given this, the message needs to be short, bold and clear; too much detail and it won’t have the impact you’re after.


Additionally, it’s important to use vibrant and contrasting colors – a dark font type on a light background or vice versa.  Pictures can work well on banners as long as they also adhere to these rules.  We’ll be more than happy to advise you on these points throughout the design process.  This care is why when it comes to banners, Houston TX businesses turn to Southern Star Signs & Graphics.


Material & Printing


The majority of our Houston banners are made from vinyl which is perfect for the job.  It’s hard wearing and gives a really vibrant result after printing.  We can discuss alternative materials if circumstances require.  For example, if your banner is going to be situated in a high and windy position, a mesh base may be more suitable.


When it comes to printing, our team of experts utilizes all of the latest technology to ensure a great result.  Additionally, our latex printing technology is environmentally friendly and does not give off the hazardous waste products of the solvent based methods used by others.  Our green credentials are another great reason why for banners, Houston TX companies come to Southern Star Signs & Graphics.

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Positioning your Banner


Once everything is printed and you are happy with the result, it’s time to get  your banners hung.  Houston TX-based companies have been using our sign installation team for years; wherever you need your banner, we’ll be able to get it there for you.  Our experience also gives us a good sense of where your banner will be most effective and if you’ve got multiple options, we’ll be happy to work with you to find the best place.  For Houston banners, Southern Star Signs & Graphics are the number one choice.

Completed Projects