Door Wraps


If your business has a building then we’d say it’s a fairly safe bet you’ve got some doors too. Often overlooked, doors provide a fantastic opportunity to display company branding and messaging. If you think about it, visitors to your business are likely to pass through a door before they have any personal contact with a representative from your company.


Then, at the end of the visit, the door is likely to be the last thing they see before leaving your premises. So you have an opportunity to impress something upon them as they arrive and leave something in their mind as they depart. Additionally, because most doors are pretty bland, unexciting features, if somebody spots a door a little out of the ordinary, it will stand out and there’s a really strong possibility they’ll remember it.

What are door wraps?


As the name suggests, door wraps are graphics which literally wrap around the door.  They cover the entirety of the surface so that none of the original door panel is visible.  Because they are custom-made from vinyl, the only limit to what you can have on your door is your imagination (and of course the ability of your signage partner to turn your idea into reality).


Here at Southern Star Signs & Graphics, our graphic design team have been creating custom door wraps for a long time; we’ve created all different types of designs for all different types of doors.  We will work with you to get your design down onto paper and will revise it until it looks exactly like the image in your head.  Not totally sure what you want your door wrap to look like?  That is no issue at all.  Our design team can give you some ideas and will be happy to put together a few drafts so you can choose the one you like the most.


Ideas for door wraps


As we mentioned, the possibilities are endless for how to wrap your door.  Here are a few ideas that we’ve seen work well in the past:


Offers & Promotions

Door wraps are easy to install and relatively inexpensive so if you’ve got a specific offer or promotion they can be a great aid.


Corporate branding

Wrapping your doors in colors and messaging to match your branding and building décor can pull everything together very nicely.


Block colors

Even changing your door from its ordinary beige persona to a more striking and interesting color can create a stunning visual.


Whatever your door wrap requirements, the team here at Southern Star Signs & Graphics are eager to help. All of our printing is done using the latest latex printing technology. This is environmentally friendly as opposed to the solvent-based techniques used by many other companies.

Got a question for us?

We want to ensure your door wrap looks perfect and to this end, our install team will be more than happy to help you apply it. Give us a call today to see how our door wraps can get your doors working harder for you.