Temporary Signs


Temporary signs are an inexpensive and effective way to get your message out there. Also known as ‘yard signs’, these displays are the kind you see stuck into lawns around election time. Their beauty is in their versatility; yard signs can be used to promote just about anything and everything. Here at Southern Star Signs & Graphics, we produce the top-quality temporary signs Houston companies use to promote their business


Even though, as the name suggests, these signs won’t be around forever, we still treat every single project with the same level of care as we would for a sign headed for a permanent placement.

Customers keep returning to us for their yard sign needs and that tells us two things; firstly, they value the time, resource and expertise we put into creating the best possible sign every time.  But also it tells us that temporary signs work; our customers promote their message, they see a good return on the relatively low cost of the sign and then they repeat the process with another message.  Many companies are making a great living by promoting their service via temporary signs.  Houston signage needs are always catered for at Southern Star Signs & Graphics.


The Design Process


The key to a great yard sign is no different than any other visual – great, eye-catching design.  Our graphic design team will work with you to create a sign that matches your corporate branding and identity.  You need to be aware that there’s a good chance that many people will be driving past your sign.  Therefore you need to use simple language, a big, bold font, and contrasting colors so that people can get your message straight away.


Our designers are well-versed in all of these techniques and can help you implement them into your sign.  Signs can be made of many materials but in our experience, we have found that plastic and wood work best.  Our design expertise is one of the reasons that for temporary signs, Houston businesses choose to deal with Southern Star Signs & Graphics.


The Printing Process


A great design is undoubtedly an important step in creating a killer sign, but it’s only part of the job.  Even the best design can look poor if the printing equipment used to make the sign isn’t up to the job.  All of the equipment at Southern Star Signs & Graphics uses cutting-edge technology.


You can rest assured that your sign will look every bit as vibrant and colorful as it did on the design screen. Additionally, we only use the latest latex technology for our printing, which is environmentally friendly compared to the solvent based EPA regulated technology still employed by many printers.

Got a question for us?

When you’re creating a disposable sign, we feel it’s important to be as environmentally responsible with the elements of the project within your control.  And of course, we will be happy to help you recycle your sign after it’s been used.


Call today – if you need help with temporary signs, Houston-based experts are waiting to take your call.