Make A Visual Impact: OTC Booth Display

Make A Visual Impact: OTC Booth Display

Offshore Technology Conference - Booth Display Houston - Sign CompanyThe Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is coming to Houston from May 1-4 this year. Your business may be considering to have a booth display at this event. The OTC is the leading conference in the world for energy professionals to meet, network, exchange ideas and learn about cutting-edge technical and scientific development related to offshore energy operation. Houston has hosted the OTC every year since its establishment in 1969.


To say the OTC is a big conference is an understatement. The conference attracts more than 50,000 attendees, and approximately 2000 companies participate in the exhibition. Attendees come from more than 110 countries around the world. The OTC’s economic impact generates about $120,000,000 for Houston.


Get The Most from Your Booth. From the smallest booth to the largest, exhibitors spend significant resources to have booths at the OTC. Booth sizes go from an understated booth that holds only a few people to booths and exhibits that go into the hundreds of square feet with multi-levels and beyond. But no matter the size of your exhibit space, well thought out design and visuals are critical to stand out from the hundreds of other exhibitors and your competitors too.


Decide What Type of Displays Your Booth Will Have

Deciding on the type of display your booth will use is largely a function of the square footage you have purchased. There are many choices to consider from Booth to Panel, to Pop-Up, to Table Top Displays, and we can help you decide which one will work best for your space configuration as well as your messaging.


Make Your Booth Visually Impressive

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is especially true if you are a small company or a new organization exhibiting for the first time. Your visuals should all maintain the same branding architecture and “feel”, otherwise you risk presenting a disjointed and confusing image. Moreover, your images and copy should address customer needs. At Southern Star Signs & Graphics we always suggest using custom images and graphics to avoid the chance of a competitor or another exhibitor having the same graphics as your booth or exhibit. Lastly, all graphics and images should be done in high resolution. As an image gets larger, so does its “noise” distortion or pixilation – in layman’s terms it gets fuzzy and dull. By starting with high definition images, noise is limited significantly, and you end up with stronger visuals.




Consider A More Open Booth and Display Configuration

Sometimes a company can bring too much into a booth. It can overflow with video monitors, cluttered with too many panels, pop-ups or other displays. It can be, in light of the nature of a trade show or conference, visually overwhelming and a bit mind-numbing to visitors. Carefully choosing your display type and how the booth will be configured with other items such as chairs, desks, and tables can prevent stimulus overload and a cluttered look to an exhibit. At Southern Star Signs & Graphics we help you look at your entire booth set up and make sure that each piece and graphic fulfills the booths overall mission



Some Extra Tips to Generate Traffic To Your Booth

  • Contact high-value clients and prospects with print collateral well in advance of the conference and invite them to visit your booth to receive a special gift or to be entered into an exclusive drawing
  • Make sure that the carpeting in your booth matches or goes with the color of the carpet of the exhibition floor. Studies have shown that abrupt changes in colors create a hesitation or metal barrier to those interested in a booth.
  • Many conferences have drawings throughout the day that encourage attendees to visit smaller exhibitors. This type of “treasure” hunt will increase traffic to your booth if you participate with the conference organizer.
  • Have your team stand at the front of your booth or display or even a bit in the aisle. Standing inside the booth or sitting down behind a table is not a welcoming posture. You need to engage visitors eye to eye and be more inviting.


Good trade show preparation starts months in advance, so it is not too early. Bring your ideas or questions to Southern Star Signs & Graphics and let us help you increase your OTC exhibit’s ROI. We are a sign company in Houston that will get your business noticed!


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