Custom Attached Signs


As the name suggests, ‘attached signs’ is the term used to refer to any sign which is attached to another, larger sign. These are particularly useful in environments where multiple listings are required on one sign, such as office parks, department stores or dental offices.  


In instances such as office park signs, the priorities are clarity of information and to ensure the design fits with the overall signage. At Southern Star Signs & Graphics we know how to produce these signs so that they serve the purpose you need and look great at the same time.

We Make It Easy


As well as producing great signs, it’s our mission to make your life as simple as possible.  If you’re looking at options for a requirement such as office park signs then you may need to consider whether there are any permit requirements for your sign.  These can vary dependant on your sign type, size, and location; it can be a bureaucracy nightmare and a drain on your time.


We’ve been through the process many times and will be happy to take control of this process for you and guide you through it.  This saves you the hassle of going round in circles and frees up your time to concentrate on running your business.  This service is one of the many reasons why so many businesses choose Southern Star Signs & Graphics for their attached signs.


Attached Sign Design Features


Our design team has been designing office park signs and the like for a long time and there are certain features which these signs require.  Attached signs often do not require the most detailed and extravagant designs; their focus in on clearly displaying important information which is likely to be viewed on the move.  Therefore, large fonts, bold lettering, and contrasting colors can all be used to make easy viewing. Our team will work with you to get the design most appropriate for your situation.


Great Signs & Great Service


We’re committed to supporting our expert team with the latest technology; these technical innovations enable us to offer fantastic service throughout the sales process.  From the moment we work with you on drawing up a proposal and quoting, right through to manufacturing and production we make sure we are offering best-in-class service.  Our expert staff is available to support you at every stage.


When it comes to the attached signs themselves, we work with only the best materials and our staff are expertly trained to guarantee great quality signs, every time.  We give you our word that your final product will be easily readable, durable and will attract the attention you are looking for.

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Completed Projects

Whatever your sign requirements, whether you need exterior signage such as office park signs or interior signs like department stores or dental offices, Southern Star Signs & Graphics should be your first port of call.


We’ve made many different types of attached signage so get in touch today and we will be happy to show you our portfolio and discuss your specific requirements.