How would you like to see the name of your business up in lights? That’s exactly what you get with a channel letter sign. These signs are 3D lettering constructed of sheet metal with lights running through the channel; exterior signage doesn’t get a whole lot more exciting. They are regularly seen above all sorts of businesses including restaurants, stores, and malls.


You may be used to seeing huge brand names up in channel letters but at Southern Star Signs & Graphics, our team can just as easily make this type of signage a reality for you and your business. The great thing about these signs is that they look great through the day and then really come alive at night.



Our manufacturing team will take your design and build your sign. We use only the best quality materials and we have an incredibly experienced team who have made many signs of this nature. There are many elements to a great channel letter sign and putting one together well takes skill and precision. If we’ve talked about install requirements for your exterior signage prior to the construction stage then all of these points will be taken into account.




There are many types of signs which you may be able to install yourself. However, for a channel letter sign, you are going to want to call in the professionals. This type of exterior signage is typically placed up high and is going to need some type of mobile scaffolding or lift truck to get it installed. Additionally, the sign is going to need a professional electrician to get power to the lights.


Of course, all of the electronics are going to need to be installed properly and you want to be absolutely certain that they are protected from the elements. A great way to install this type of lettering is in front of an aluminium rectangular box, which contains all of the electrical wirings. This raceway is why you often hear the term raceway sign




We recommend a maintenance plan when you purchase a raceway sign to keep them looking their best. Our team can come out and check the sign is in working order and being kept in great condition. The first benefit of this is your sign is a reflection of your business and often the first thing that people will see when they visit your premises.


A sign in a state of disrepair can give people a negative first impression of your company and impact business. Secondly, a channel letter sign has things such as electronics which make it more complex than other signs. Therefore, a program of regular maintenance can save you money on costly repairs to your raceway sign further down the line.

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A raceway sign creates an attention-grabbing visual that will impress visitors to your business both day and night. Get in touch today to see how Southern Star Signs & Graphics can bring your exterior signage dream to life.