Floor & Sidewalk Graphics


Floor graphics are a great way to create striking visuals and catch people’s attention. The fact that people are used to seeing quite bland and uninteresting floors means that any kind of messaging you put in this space is very likely to get noticed.


Additionally, this kind of approach being a break from the norm means it can really do positive things for your company branding and shows a willingness to think outside the box. You can get graphics to decorate the floor inside your store, office or other place of business. Additionally, sidewalk graphics can be placed in outside areas to spread your message to people walking by.

Floor Design


To maximize the impact of displaying a floor graphic it’s important to optimize the design for this specific purpose. Generally, people are going to be walking over your graphic and are unlikely to stop and read it, so lots of words and busy content won’t work well. Large logos, images and short, punchy messaging are the kind of content that works really well on floor graphics.


Our graphic design team will be happy to discuss all the options with you to ensure that the final result ties in with your company branding and has the maximum visual impact.  Indoor graphics will always be shown in consistent lighting whereas sidewalk graphics need to look great at different times of the day and we can discuss all of this.


Manufacturing Considerations


Our printing team has all of the latest technology at their fingertips to ensure a perfect result, every time. With floor graphics, the main consideration when manufacturing is that these are typically going to be high traffic areas, meaning people will be walking on your sign. We will use the highest quality materials to ensure that your sign is durable and will stand up to this wear and tear.


Additionally, our printers use latex-based inks which are environmentally-friendly as opposed to their their solvent-based predecessors. With sidewalk graphics, your sign also needs to be able to stand up to the elements and a sign from Southern Star Signs & Graphics is guaranteed to look great all of the time.


Perfect Installation


Once your graphic is printed and looking great, it’s time to get it installed.  We’ve installed many floor graphics, and can help you get it perfectly positioned.  For interior floor graphics we will work with you to ensure it’s installed with the minimum amount of fuss to your everyday business.  Exterior graphics on your property can usually be installed relatively simply at a time convenient for you.


If you’re installing sidewalk graphics then there may be some considerations around scheduling and potentially approval may be needed from the local authority.  We can help you navigate through this process and get your graphic down as quickly as possible.  Contact us today for more information.

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At Southern Star Signs & Graphics we’ve been creating great graphics for interior and exterior floors for a long time.  Our team of experts know the steps to ensure a great visual impact, every time.