Hanging Signs


Hanging signs are regularly seen outside stores, offices, motels and many other service industry places of business. Usually hung with chain links, they give a classic and refined look and give a great impression of your business. For many years, Southern Star Signs & Graphics have been producing the great-quality hanging signs Houston businesses use to promote their company.  


Always using the best materials and expert craftsmen, our signs are bound to get you noticed. A great hanging sign should clearly identify your premises so that people can find it easily when trying to visit you. It should also be eye-catching enough to entice passing footfall to take an interest and your sign should generally give a good impression of your brand.

The Design Process


Your hanging sign is a clear and visible advert for your business.  Of course you are going to want your company name and logo displayed on it and our graphic design team can help you get this looking great.  You’re also going to want a style that fits your building and our hanging signs are available in a variety of different materials.


You can get a hanging sign in whatever shape or size you need and many companies employ them hung from the bottom of a larger sign.  An example of this would be motels displaying whether or not they have rooms available.  We’ve proudly manufactured many of the hanging signs Houston motels have outside their premises.


Manufactured to the Highest Standards


A hanging sign is likely to be displayed outside of your business so all of our signs are weatherproof, durable and will stand up to the elements.  This is important not only because you don’t want to be spending money on repairs all of the time but also because your sign is a beacon for your business.  What sort of impression does a weathered old sign give?  To further guarantee your sign stays in great condition, speak to our maintenance team and we can arrange a sign maintenance plan for you.  We take pride in the fact that we maintain a lot of the hanging signs Houston companies use to advertise their business.


Our manufacturing process itself uses the latest technology to ensure a great quality finish every time. Additionally, a benefit of this new machinery is that it is environmentally-friendly compared to the solvent based EPA regulated technologies used by most companies. This gives us some of the strongest ‘green’ credentials in the industry. If you get your hanging signs from Southern Star Signs & Graphics you are doing your bit for the planet.

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Completed Projects

Pride of Place


Once your sign is completed all that is left is to give it pride of place outside your premises.  Our installation team has all the tools and experience required to get your sign up and looking great.  We’ve hung a lot of hanging signs and we understand that you want the minimum of disruption to your everyday business.  Our team will work with you to get it up quickly and efficiently.


Contact us today to see why we’ve been producing the hanging signs Houston businesses rely on for many years.