Pole signs


Pole signs give you an opportunity to get your message up high, really high! These signs are commonly seen outside shopping malls and large stores. They can be seen from a long distance away and allow you to get your company logo really visible. Often placed next to roads, these signs tend to get a lot of passing traffic who all get the opportunity to see your message.


Given this, you want to ensure that what you’ve got up there looks great and delivers a clear message. As a leading pole sign company, Southern Star Signs & Graphics have completed a number of great pole sign projects and we know what it takes to complete these hefty jobs.

Design Strategy


When designing your pole sign you need to keep the environment in mind; your sign is going to be up high and will need to be effective from both far away and up close.  It’s going to be viewed a lot by people on the move so it needs to be clear and get your message across very quickly.  This is often why pole signs will just be company logos or very simple messaging.


There are additional techniques you can use to make your sign as easy to read as possible such as bold font, contrasting colors and effective borders; our in-house design team will be more than happy to talk you through all of these options.  Our great design team is a huge part of what makes us such a great pole sign company.


Permit Support


Due to their size, pole signs will require permits and permissions before any work can begin on installing them.  It’s best to start this process early as you never know what direction these things may go in.  Additionally, if you’re new to the planning process it can be difficult to tackle and it’s easy to end up wasting time going in circles.


Here at Southern Star Signs & Graphics we have been through this process many times and our permit team will be happy to lead this and help you navigate through the system.  This frees up your time to do what you do best, running your business.  This is yet another value-added service which helps to make us the pole sign company of choice for many Houston businesses.




Once all of the appropriate permits are in place then our pole sign installation team can help you get your sign in place. We have all the required safety qualifications and, after carrying out a thorough site survey, will arrive with all of the required tools and equipment to get the job done.  We understand that your sign may well be in a live business location such as your car park and you need business to continue as much as possible without disruption.

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Completed Projects

We will work with you to get a plan in place which gets your sign up as efficiently as possible and allows you to retain normality in your business.  Call us today to see why we are the pole sign company that Houston businesses turn to again and again.