Pop-Up Displays


For businesses in a number of different areas, trade shows present a great opportunity to attract and engage with a host of new prospects. A benefit of these types of exhibitions is that attendees are there because they have a specific interest in the area that your business sits within.


This is great as it means you are advertising to people who likely have some sort of need at that time, and any conversations are likely to turn into warmer leads. But you still need to attract those customers to your stand and for that, you need great signage.

There are a number of different options available and it would definitely be worth considering pop-up displays.  Here at Southern Star Signs & Graphics, we know how to design, print and build incredible pop-up booths that will turn heads and engage customers.


The Benefit of the Pop-Up


If your company attends a trade show, gets some worthwhile brand exposure, a load of great leads and closes business of the back of it then we can guarantee one thing; you’re going to do more trade shows.  And this is great, however, each show you are going to need signage that continues to get you noticed, and you’re going to have to transport all these visuals to and from each event too.  This is where pop-up displays can be a fantastic option.


They package up small when not in use and retract into a storage container which keeps them in great condition during transportation.  Options range from small pop-up signs to entire pop-up booths.  When you arrive at your exhibition space, they are also incredibly easy to assemble and you can expect to have an entire booth put up in a couple of minutes.


Quality, Long-Lasting Construction


Our pop-up displays are designed for heavy use; we understand that they will be erected, deconstructed, transported and that the cycle will be repeated ongoing.  This is why build quality is so important with pop-up booths.  We use only the best materials throughout the design and our expert team utilizes the latest technology during construction.  Pop-up displays recreate the same repetitive motion when they’re being put up or put away so we stress test this part of the mechanism to ensure it’s up for the job.


Eye-catching Design


Pop-up displays are incredibly practical but that doesn’t mean you should overlook the importance of design.  Once they’re up, they need to be eye-catching and encourage visitors to your stand.  At Southern Star Signs & Graphics, our graphic design team will be happy to work with you to create visuals that fit with your company branding and get over the message you’re trying to convey.

Got a question for us?

We firmly believe that a sign from us is an investment, which will pay for itself in new business generated and brand awareness delivered.  To talk to an expert about your specific requirements regarding pop-up booths, get in touch today.