Boat wraps are a great way to make your boat look unique, striking and just generally a bit special. The team here at Southern Star Signs & Graphics can turn your boat into a visual masterpiece in no time at all. Whether you’re a fisherman, sailor or speedboat enthusiast, we can design a vinyl wrap to suit your boat and your preferences.


A great advantage of a boat wrap is the ability to personalize your boat without impacting the resale value. Unlike painting a hull, it is easy to remove a boat wrap and revert back to your original hull if it comes time to sell. Boat wraps are some of the most exciting projects we do and really give our design team an opportunity to flex their muscles. If you don’t want to wrap your entire boat then our boat lettering and decals are perfect for adding a boat name or other text or images.

8 Great Things about Boat Wraps


   Our wraps are built to withstand the elements at sea.  They’re resistant to UV, won’t fade and will stand up to abrasion.  They’ll also stand up to salt, oils, and fuel; basically, they’re ready for everything life at sea throws at you.


   Boat wraps are cost-effective and usually, work out cheaper than a repaint.


   Our wraps are long-lasting and built to give you several years of service.


   They are easy to maintain, clean and repair.


   6) A wrap from Southern Star Signs & Graphics has increased green credentials due to the latex-based printing technology we use. This has zero impact on the environment as opposed to EPA regulated traditional solvent-based printing.


   Make your boat yours; whether you go for a full wrap or personalize with boat letter decals, a boat graphic offers you the opportunity to really put your stamp on your boat.


   A boat wrap from Southern Star Signs & Graphics looks awesome, really awesome!


Boat Wrap Design

Our design team will work with you to ensure your wrap looks every bit as cool as you imagined. Together we will come up with something absolutely unique to you. If it’s boat lettering or decals you’re looking at then our designers can show you different fonts, sizes, and lettering effects and mock up how it would look on your boat. There is no limit to how creative you can be when it comes to boat wraps!

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Professional Installation

To ensure several years of solid use, it’s important that boat wraps, boat lettering and decals are installed by a professional. Our team is experienced at installing vinyl wraps onto all sorts of vehicles and are the perfect team to help you with your boat. We’ll agree on a schedule with you and the work will be carried out quickly and efficiently so that you can get your boat back in the water as soon as possible. Call the team here at Southern Star Signs & Graphics today to discuss your boat wrap requirements.