Special Wraps


Here at Southern Star Signs & Graphics, we are passionate about creating signs and graphics for every available surface. Advertising is an ever evolving and challenging arena. Of course, traditional signage still has an extremely important role to play; but there is also a call for ever more innovative solutions.


In addition to our range of traditional wraps for vehicles, boats, and golf carts, we are also more than happy to get involved in some slightly “out-of-the-box” projects. If there’s a flat surface available, the team here will be happy to work with you on a vinyl graphic solution.

Here are a few examples of the things we can do:


Wall wraps


Walls offer a uniquely large space to create branding which will have an impact.  For interior walls, wall wraps can be used to theme your office and extend your corporate branding.  Visitors are sure to be impressed and you will stand out from the crowd.  Our exterior wall wraps are great for advertising and brand awareness in more public spaces.  They are built to stand up to the elements and look great, whatever the weather.  Our graphic design team can create beautiful wall wraps that incorporate your ideas and get your message out there.


Elevator Wraps


If you’re in a building with more than one floor, the vast majority of visitors to your premises are going to use (or at least walk past) the elevator.  Elevator wraps, therefore, give you the opportunity to get your message seen by a lot of people.  The team here at Southern Star Signs & Graphics are experienced at creating elevator wraps and can create your perfect design.  Banish your monotonous, bland elevator doors and speak to us about elevator wraps, today.


Door Wraps


Door wraps are an inexpensive and creative way to liven up a normally dull space.  All sorts of door wraps can be created out of our top-quality vinyl and our design team can work with you to create a stunning visual effect.


Whether it’s an extension of your company branding or a more playful design, door wraps create a talking point and will help you stand out from the crowd.  All door wraps are printed using our environmentally- friendly latex printing technology, so a great result is guaranteed.


Refrigerator Wraps


If you have a kitchen in your office or another place of work, refrigerator wraps can be an effective marketing tool. Perhaps offer out sponsorship of your refrigerator and allow your suppliers to design refrigerator wraps that will grab your staff’s attention.


Our design team can help with layout and as it’s only a small piece of vinyl, the cost is relatively minimal, especially when you consider the exposure it could generate.  Speak to us today about refrigerator wraps.

Got a question for us?

At Southern Star Signs & Graphics, we’ve got every part of the process covered.  Our design team can create the perfect design, our skilled printers use the latest technology to get a great result, and our install team is on hand to ensure it’s fitted perfectly and looking great.


Contact us today and tell us what surface you’d like wrapped.