Super Bowl Business Signs

Super Bowl Business Signs

Super Bowl Business SignsOn February 5th, Super Bowl LI (51) is coming to Houston. Super Bowls have historically been a boom for businesses and the regional and local economies. Tens of thousands of visitors flock to the Super Bowl host city spending money on food, accommodations, transportation and much more.

According to the NFL, the economic impact of a Super Bowl can be between $350,000,000 to nearly a billion dollars for the city and state where it takes place. A study by audit consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers indicated that total direct spending for the Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco totaled approximately $220,00,000. With all the global media attention a Super Bowl attracts, it is also an incredible opportunity for the city it is held in to boost its image and promote and grow its economic position.



No Need to Spend $5 Million on a 30 Second Ad


The good news is that there are ways to help generate attention and drive traffic around the Super Bowl to your business even if you are not a Global Fortune 1000 with millions to spend on endorsements or advertisements. So here are some tips and ideas we have for you.


Do You Sell Products or Services Associated with The Super Bowl, Football, Tailgating or Game Viewing?

If you sell TVs, ice chests, team branded merchandise, food, alcohol merchandise or furniture then you have products that people will be interested in purchasing for the big game. Even if you don’t sell those items or services you can still use the Super Bowl to help tie into your business. You can have a campaign that promotes “Savings As Big As The Big Game” or other wording that ties into the Super Bowl. But remember, you cannot use the actual words “Super Bowl.” Using that term would violate the NFL’s trademark, copyright, and ownership of it. So how to get the word out?


Banner Signs

Banner signs are particularly well suited for this mission. First, they are affordable and since the Super Bowl is a rare and unique event, an affordable banner that will only be used for a few days or weeks just makes good economic sense. Second, banner signs can be designed to be placed nearly anywhere. This flexibility is advantageous in case your initial location for the signage isn’t drawing the attention you wanted – you can easily move it to another location or area.


New Signage

Now could be an excellent opportunity to upgrade you existing signage. The Houston Super Bowl Committee and the Chamber of Commerce spent a lot of time and effort to win this. They have also coordinated improvements to the city. Let’s not let this chance pass by.


Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

If you have a fleet or have a mobile-related business, vehicle wraps are another option for leveraging the traffic and attention that the Super Bowl brings. Using graphics and copy that can link your business to the big game in a creative way can pay dividends.


Southern Star Signs & Graphics is a full-service signage and graphics design company. We do much more than just make great signs. We work closely with our clients on their messaging, graphics, sign type selection, and placement. Contact us today and learn how we can create signs that drive business to you.




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