Effectively Using Wall Mural Decals For Your Business Or Designs

Effectively Using Wall Mural Decals For Your Business Or Designs

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Wall Mural Decals

Every business wants to stand out and grab the attention of prospective customers. But standing out can be difficult; it’s hard to gain attention with so much visual noise and commonplace signage. Designers and architects are continuously in search of new design elements to enhance living, work and recreational spaces. In recent years advances in printing and materials technology has created some incredible innovations in signage. Printed on state-of-the-art materials and utilizing special adhesives that allow for multiple removals and placements it gives businesses and designers numerous options for their use. High-quality decals have numerous benefits and applications for businesses and creative professions alike.

No Limits

Wall mural decals are a great alternative to everyday signs. Decals can be made for the largest signage or design elements, and there are no limits regarding the colors, textures, or images that they can hold. It sounds like a cliché, but the only limit is imagination.

Graphics Options

Decals today are far more technically sophisticated in design and advanced in quality than just a few years ago. A significant attraction and benefit of mural or wall decals are the outstanding quality of images, graphics, and text. More affordable than many types of signage platforms, decals can be created using high-definition photographs, graphics, etc.


Decals by their nature are flexible. Flexibility gives decals a significant advantage over most other types of signage in that decals can conform to contours, corners, hard to reach areas and odd shapes. This allows business owners and designers to maximize messaging space and design options regardless of what would otherwise have been considered impossible or very limited.

Now that we’ve covered the advantages in wall decals with using them as murals or “wraps,” we’ll discuss some great ways to use them.

  • Corporate branding
    Wall mural decals or wraps are effective for communications and marketing. Lobbies, elevators, atriums, interior conference rooms and long hallways or corridors are excellent locations for their use.
  • Product Advertising
    Decals or wraps are perfect for advertising new products or services. Again their flexibility, placement options, and superior weather resistance provide an array of applications. Commonly seen on commercial motor vehicles, they can be placed on nearly any surface or type of vehicle.
  • Event Advertising
    Special events or even seasonal advertising can get a lift from wraps or decals too. Completely customizable and the ability to quickly install and remove give wall mural decals options not available with other types of signage.
  • Directions
    Wraps, decals or wall murals are effective ways to provide directions for special events or while areas are under renovation. Often the wraps can be repurposed, thereby saving money as opposed to other signage. Moreover, the decals can be customized and branded so as not to appear generic run of the mill signage.

Contact us today and learn how effective and impressive high-quality wall mural decals or wraps can be for your communication, marketing or design needs. Not sure what would work best for your situation? Contact us, and we’ll put our expertise to work and deliver the optimum solution to you.

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